Call Out: South Square Speaks

Call Out: South Square Speaks

South Square Centre is starting a new oral history project that hopes to develop the social history of the centre and peoples’ experiences within it. We would like to gather experiences, memories and stories from people who use and visit South Square Centre to help us understand our history, legacy and vision for the future

Project Information

We invite South Square visitors, trustees, members, studio holders, staff and artists to share their stories of the centre through recorded interviews. These recordings will then be used in September 2018 as part of the gallery’s new exhibition, and then stored in our archive. 

Questions we would like people to consider include: What memories do you have of South Square? How do you use South Square? What does South Square mean to you?

Alongside these interviews, we would also like to invite people to donate items to our ‘Time Capsule’. South Square Centre’s new tenancy lease will be for 99 years, and we want to invite people to consider what people should know about South Square Centre, its members and visitors, one hundred years from now?

Items could be objects that you have found in the centre’s facilities, tokens or memorabilia, work you produced, a photograph or anything that shows what South Square Centre represents to you. The ‘Time Capsule’ will be displayed in the September 2018 exhibition with the audio recordings of interviews. 

This project is being led by our Events Trainee, Áine McKenny, and hopes to be the start of an ongoing project and collaboration with the people of South Square. We want to gain a collection of people’s lived experiences within the centre and a history of what it means to people. 

Get Involved

If you would like to take part sharing your memories of South Square Centre or donate an item to our time capsule, please email:

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