Lisa Wigham | Into the Bright Blue Fields | 05 - 27 May 2012

Through drawing, etching and text, Wigham explores our transient and interactive relationship with the landscape.

For Wigham, a journey through a landscape is a series of fleeting relationships between the individual and the physical area that one moves through. Capturing her thoughts, reactions and fragmented observations in sketchbooks, Wigham uses the experience of movement through a place as a vehicle for autobiography. By tracing her sketches onto etching plates, a journey is revisited and reproduced as a series of prints.

In Notes from a Transpennine Journal, the original sketchbooks lay beneath the etched prints as a record of a personal train journey across the Pennines from Lancashire to Yorkshire. Printed onto loose pages, the sequence of images suggests momentary relationships with each view that passed by the train windows.

Moving from traditional fine art printmaking to digital media, Wigham has produced a limitless edition book entitled Lost Luggage Revival which staggers a story across 365 pages in order to recreate the process of sewing together extracts from personal sketchbooks and journals to make a narrative. A copy of this book and an empty chair by the window offer the visitor the opportunity to explore this novel whist contemplating their own temporary relationship with the landscapes surrounding South Square.

Throughout Into the Bright Blue Fields observations are fused with memories and personal interpretations in order to fathom landscapes rather than represent static images or representations. For Wigham, only by emotionally connecting with a view or form does a perception truly occur.

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