Michael Day | Loopholes | 07 - 29 April 2012

Loopholes is a solo exhibition by Sheffield-based artist Michael Day that combines video projections and electronics to explore moving image, landscape and technology.

Day recently undertook a guest artist residency at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV) in Trondheim, Norway, with support from Arts Council England. Much of the research he undertook at LKV was concerned with the relationship between landscape and technology, how their time-scales and behaviours differ and interact.

The speed of technology is constantly being accelerated as interactive systems approach 'real-time' responsiveness. In human experience however, real-time can be stretched or compressed depending on the level of stimulus supplied by the event being observed: for example, car crashes and the drying of paint both occur in real-time, yet both events seem to shift the pace of time. The same occurs with viewing a landscape.

This exhibition explores the real-time experience of viewing by presenting slow, meditative filmed landscapes that are interrupted by small visual disturbances, often produced by electronic devices. These interruptions draw attention to the act of looking and of noticing detail, while simultaneously distracting or effacing the images. This produces a viewing experience that allows the work to be seen in various stages of resolution, confluence and dissonance over its duration.

A loophole is an ambiguity in a system that can be used to avoid the intent of that system. Through this exhibition, Day will set up a disruptive and unexpected relationship between technology and the experience of viewing landscape. By encouraging the viewer to look at scenery mediated by technology, Day implicates the interruptive potential of the high-tech systems we surround ourselves with.

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