Flatworks | Nick Cass | 08 - 30 August 2009

'After a series of eye surgery operations as a child I have always been interested in the process of "seeing" the world of three dimensions. Studying sculpture has given me a love of materials and the process of making, it seems to have become a natural link; making sculptures which operate on the boundary of being and depicting.'
Nick Cass

Generously funded by the Arts Council England, artist Nick Cass develops new flat sculptural work for his first solo show since 1998. Over the last fifteen years he has developed a multidisciplinary approach to his practice, encompassing drawing, sculpture, and installation to provide a fertile ground for exploration.

Central to this exhibition is a large-scale signature wall installation spanning the two gallery spaces. Drawn using a specialist product design programme, the piece comprises plywood panels and oak veneer, hand-cut and collaged directly on to the walls. The strong architectural content illustrates Cass' fascination with geometry and perspective, referencing the engraved designs of 16th century fortification engineer and perspective specialist Hans Vredeman de Vries.

Cass also presents 'After Josef Albers', a series of abstract wood-effect Fablon collages, precisely cut and composed to create the illusion of three-dimensional objects. Made in response to the artist Josef Albers, these works are derived from a series of lithographs from the 1960's, which illustrate his abstract and disciplined approach to composition.

The final works on show are a series of previously unseen glass sculptures representing Cass' concern with perception and the brain's ability to identify the status of its subject as either a 2-dimensional image, a 3-dimensional object, or perhaps both combined. This is a key strand that runs through Cass' practice, perpetuating an inherent visual paradox whereby surface materiality conflicts with the illusion of perspective.

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Artist Interview

Nick Cass in conversation with Fran Coldrick from BCB / 7 minutes 50 Seconds


Flatworks is funded by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts

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