Dictionary Of Ornaments | Emi Avora | 07 - 29 August 2010

Conjuring large cinematic scenes, Emi Avora depicts a surreal world that overflows with abundance and defies obvious explanation.

The artist's three large pieces on paper were made directly for the South Square Gallery space and Avora took the opportunity to further explore new directions in her work through introducing new elements from her vast pictorial vocabulary and experimenting with using oil painting on paper. A departure from her usual canvases, this format becomes reminiscent of a cinema screen.

The compositions move between the real and the imaginary, depicting a world of abundance and fictitious overflowing. In the large intensely magenta painting 'Dictionary of Ornaments', characters from Avora's vocabulary are presented in theatrical boxes. It is ambiguous whether they are just inanimate objects or animated creatures. The stage opens up to a blank screen- the spectators become the subject of the painting. Conversely, in 'Owls', a group of birds occupy an ornate gallery, we don't know whether the birds are stuffed taxidermy or real animals roaming though a haunted space.

These interiors have become so deformed and exaggerated that the all sense of reality is warped and an overwhelming sensation of abhorrent claustrophobia prevails.
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