Dominic Mason | Artist in Residence | 01 August - 30 September 2012

Following on from the success of last year's artist's residency at South Square, the gallery space will once again become a home and studio for an artist this August. Dominic Mason will use the gallery as a platform for his experimental works in progress which will evolve over the course of the residency and be presented as a solo exhibition at the gallery in September.

Mason will be taking as his point of departure a series of photographs from the North Lincolnshire Museum Image Archive which document floral displays produced by the department of Parks and Gardens for Mayor Making ceremonies in his home town of Scunthorpe. His aim is to source new research material in the Thornton and Bradford area, both current and from the not-too-distant past, in order to explore his interest in municipal flower displays.

"I'm attracted by both the celebratory and temporary nature of these displays, in public settings or town/city celebrations and also by the forms and structures of display. I'm interested in interrogating the conformity, muted creativity and formal elements of these decorative objects that are in equal measures both spectacular and ridiculous."

His work is interdisciplinary, varied and intuitive, normally responding to specific circumstances, and often to specific spaces or environments across a wide range of mediums including film, painting and installation. More recent work has included an ongoing series of paintings and drawings of amusement park rides and the recreation of faux-tropical scenery from a demolished leisure centre.

Dominic Mason lives and works in Sheffield and Scunthorpe, he is co-director of Bloc Projects, an organisation dedicated to supporting and exhibiting the work of recent graduates and early to mid career artists. He has shown his work at venues across the UK and Europe.

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