The Fragile Edge | Christine Herbert | 08 – 30 August 2015

Opening Event, Friday 07 August, 7 - 9pm.

Christine Herbert produces large, dynamic, colourful paintings using layers of acrylic paint on canvas and linen which are dramatic and exciting when viewed from a distance but also repay closer viewing, where the complex and often delicate layering of the paints can be seen.

The work is abstract and the impetus for it comes from Christine’s personal emotional responses to our interactions as human beings both negatively and positively with the physical, social and political world in which we live. The viewer does not necessarily need to know the subject of the paintings to be able to enjoy both their physical presence and the feelings they evoke.

This exhibition comprises a group of recent works which reflect both on aspects of the pollution of the oceans through our continued dependence on plastics and our spiritual connection to the planet through the yearly life cycle.

Christine is based at Brooklyn Studio in Hebden Bridge and has developed her very individual style of working whilst studying for her degree in Visual Arts in 2011 and in subsequent years.

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