Brisbane Taylor | 03 March - 01 April 2018

Open Evening: Friday 02 March 7 - 9 pm

Order and chaos are intrinsic parts of life, one cannot exist without the other, each one informing the other. Carbon is a core element required for the existence of life. Life cannot exist without it. Brisbane explores these components of life through the process of drawing and painting, using traditional materials in non-traditional ways.

Lorna Mollart | 03 - 24 February 2018

Lorna's work explores mythology, storytelling and literature. She is interested in transmogrification and how forms can change from human to animal or object. Currently reading Ovid’s writings of metamorphosis. In particular the story of Arachne, here she transforms from a woman into a giant spider.

Ben Snowden | 06 - 27 January 2018

Ben's work explores the relationships and ideas between subject and emotion, combining visceral energy with experience through the medium of paint. Inspired by the human form and his native Yorkshire Landscape, he uses the language of abstraction to create work that emphasises on mood and expression to determine the overall feeling of the paintings. Ben predominantly work with enamel and household paints on materials such as paper, board, card, textiles and wood that he finds in everyday life. His main focus is to create work that evokes the senses and communicates a positive and constructive view of the world.

Portraits and Other Things | Patricia Calver | 02 December - 28 January 2017

Exhibition Opens: Friday 01 December, 5 - 9pm

Patricia is a local artist who is known for her paintings, sculptures, sketches and prints prints often based on things she sees around her. She has put together this selection of mono print portraits alongside a self portrait and other pieces. Her South Square basement studio holds many more examples of her work and she is always pleased to see and chat to interested visitors.

As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning | Bill Parker | 02 September - 01 October 2017

These abstract paintings are reveries and meditations on the landscape. They are intended to reflect changing light, the colours, the seasons. They are developed from direct daily observation and experience.

Bill Parker is an artist living and working in Haworth.

A Small Selection | Daniel Metcalfe | 04 February - 26 March 2017

Exhibited are a small selection of works completed in 2015/2016. Some are similar to each other some are quite different. This is important. Overall stylistic differences in these pieces are bound together by the same desire, to arrive at the perfect solution or as Richard Diebenkorn suggested 'rightness'.

My work is often informed by nature (landscapes and such) but not always strictly adhered to. Although I have noticed a tendency to order the space within the painting in a fairly traditional way.

Opening Event, Friday 03 February, 7 - 9pm

Out of the woods | Patricia Calver | 03 December 2016 - 29 January 2017

An exhibition of new acrylic and mixed media landscapes.

Preview Night, 02 December, 5 - 9pm.

Pennine Skies | Bob Thompson | 08 October - 27 November 2016

On the high Pennine Moors it is the sky that dominates the landscape. The land feels insignificant with the overwhelming presence of the sky or a threatening storm. This work originates from walking and recording such conditions along sections of the Pennine Way.

Preview Night, Friday 07 October, 7 - 9pm

Two Coins In The Same Pocket | Ryoko Minamitani and Xavier Panadès | 06 August - 02 October 2016

Ryoko and Xavier are artists from two different cultures, but their work has an overlapping interest in perception. Ryoko’s geometric and painterly work explores spirituality and Xavier’s mono prints contrast colour and movement to depict alternative views of objects.

Preview Night, Friday 05 August, 7 - 9pm.

Diane Jones and Nikki Taylor | 04 July - 28 August 2016

New work and a third joint exhibition by Photographer, Nicki Taylor and Textile Artist, Diane Jones.

Preview Night, Friday 03 June 7 - 9pm.

There will be an extension of the exhibition being shown in Diane's studio on the preview night, all welcome.

Sue Hayes | 02 April - 29 May 2016

Sue Hayes has returned to painting after a 40 year break! She takes heart from the natural world that is the focus of her painting. She works almost exclusively in acrylics.

All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to Thornton's animal sanctuary.

Preview Night, Friday 01 April 7-9pm

Woodland Landscapes | William Gall | 06 February - 27 March 2016

William has been painting Woodland Landscapes in both oils and acrylics for the last two years in a medium or large format and when invited to show work at the South Square Restaurant it was an opportunity to provide a large number of small acrylics on canvas with a common colour range and style of painting. This has resulted in both individual paintings and as a group it shows the contrasts and atmosphere of the woodlands that interest him the most.

Preview Night, Friday 05 February, 7 - 9pm.

Augury | Morwenna Catt | 05 December 2015 - 31 January 2016

An exhibition of drawings, paintings and small sculptural works.

“Lately I have been making ‘Shamanic’ creatures. They are very much a product of my ‘other’ life in Norway, where I spend most of my time in the studio on the North facing slope of a mountain where we are surrounded by trees, birds and animals. In shamanic or magical ritual, augury is a method of foretelling the future by observing bird and animal behaviour."

Views from the Pennine way | Bob Thompson | 03 October - 01 November 2015

This work originates from a series of walks Thompson undertook this year between Holme Moss and WithinsHill. The walks incorporated at some point a stretch of the Pennine Way, from Black Hill to Withins Hill.

59 Shades | Peter Lund | 08 August - 27 September 2015

An exhibition of recent work by Pete Lund with the proceeds from any sales going to "Centrepoint" a charity which supports young homeless people.

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