DROMOLOGY - THE LOGIC OF SPEED | 08 December 2012 - 27 January 2013

Jack Brindley | Ben Bucki | Greig Burgoyne | Simon Farid | Steve Hanson & Robert Galeta | Warren Hayes | Johnny Herbert | Sam Kennedy | Richard Zeiss

Curated by Helen Thackray.

Dromology, a term coined by the social theorist: Paul Virilio, is the starting point for this group exhibition which explores the complex relationship between technological advancements and our use and perception of physical space.

The digital age has accelerated various aspects of our lives including the way that we work, communicate and learn yet it has simultaneously reduced the speed and frequency at which we travel through space. Where once the pursuit of knowledge required a physical journey and communication required a physical proximity, humans now remain more static; performing a variety of activities from a fixed point in space.

Technological devices such as smart phones, laptops and Sat Navs are constantly filling the air with signals and messages that we cannot see or hear. The internet and wireless technology have transformed physical space into a global highway of invisible connections and discreet exchanges. Space must no longer be physically occupied by a person or object for it to be used or penetrated. Instead, technology has broken physical boundaries and become our most powerful tool (or weapon as Virilio might have it) allowing us to infiltrate every corner and span every continent.

The artists in this exhibition come from across Europe and use paint, photography, film, live streaming and text to explore the relationship between space and technology. Their unique and personal responses to this global theme form a conversation which spans philosophy, environment and time but always returns to the individual living in the present. In an era when space is becoming increasingly occupied by the immaterial and invisible, the works in this exhibition form a material presence which encourages visitors to pause, reflect and consider their own interaction with technology and physical space.

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