Interloper | Dawn Woolley | 6 December 08 - 4 January 09

An exhibition showcasing recent works that explore the tensions between the photographic image and its subject. Photographic sculptures depicting the artist are placed in the real world enticing the viewer's intimate gaze.

The work of Dawn Woolley is primarily self-portraiture, but not in the traditional sense.

The artist creates a life-size photographic copy of her body and places it in the real world, the photograph as a substitute and visual representative. This series forms an enquiry into the act of looking and being looked at, examining a personal experience of becoming a female photographic object.

It could be argued that the works reinforce stereotypical images of the female body, but by depicting her body as an image she is able to suggest her presence while confirming her absence. It is the man in this instance who is being deceived.

The use of photography and video to create convincing scenes, in which cut-outs become a credible substitute for the artist, do not recount the relationship between a man and a woman. Instead, it forces the viewer in direct interaction with the cut-out. The viewer as the voyeur.

There is a desire to look through the 2-dimensionlity of the photograph and believe in the 3-dimensional person described on the surface, a willful delusion inherent to the medium of photography.

The strong performative aspect throughout this series raises an ambiguity between photography and performance. Woolley plays within these conventions, sensitively examining the role of the spectator within the structure of looking.

in-ter-lop-er n

1.somebody who enters a place or joins a group or gathering without any right to do so / and or interferes in other people's affairs, especially selfishly.

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