Wandering Garden | Clare Carter | 7 February - 1 March 2009

Following three years of travelling and painting throughout Europe, from Cyprus to Greenland this exhibition presents works that have been threaded together by journeys and ideas that explore the exotic and unfamiliar

Between 2005 and 2008 Clare Carter engaged with a series of residencies at institutions and organisations in Greenland, Iceland, Cyprus, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands. All the works presented in Wandering Garden have been created overseas, geographically covering the farthest northwest and the southeast of Europe.

The relationship between these paintings is one conceived through the essence of the journey and the ideas spawned from being an outsider. Often working in remote landscapes, Carter immerses herself within these foreign contexts, where her relationship with the environment is intriguingly responsive.

Subjects including exposed landscapes, indigenous animals, domestic interiors and museum taxidermy are often transposed, transforming the surface of the canvas into a fabricated setting where a playful interaction of subjects is performed. These settings question how people coexist with the landscapes they inhabit and the hidden complexities surrounding the notions of place and habitat.

"It is important to me that paint can reveal or arouse a particular element within the different subjects I use; from the physical process of creating layers that form narratives between paint and image, and how gestures found in everyday scenes can be isolated, slowed down and opened up to different interpretations and stories" Clare Carter 2009

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Artist Interview

Clare Carter in conversation with Fran Coldrick from BCB / 3 minutes 22 Seconds

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