Fr- Agile | Sabine J Bieli | 06 - 28 February 2010

Produced during an artist's residency at Spurn Point [Humber Estuary], Sabine J Bieli exhibits three-dimensional video sculptures that subtly recall centuries of slowly shifting sands and reflect the fragility of this historic coastline.

"The site has a wilderness feel that pushes your comfort zone, whether it is the elements of the weather, sea or sky" Andrew Gibson [Warden of the Spurn Nature Reserve].

Spurn Point is a narrow spit of land on Yorkshire's Holderness coast separating the North Sea from the Humber Estuary. This three and a half mile line of sand and shingle is a place of continual change - of constant erosion and reformation. Spurn, a Nature Reserve, is also home to the only permanently manned lifeboat station in the UK.

During the summer months of 2008 Sabine J Bieli took part in a research residency "On Spurn" exploring how water, wind and tides shape the peninsula. This residency led to a performance drawing attention to Spurn's shifting movement over the past 150 years. Four yellow buoys were placed on the shoreline of the North Sea beach of Spurn, marking the location where the estuary side of Spurn once existed in the 1850's. The buoys were then exposed to the powerful forces of nature during a wet and blustery day in August 2008. The process, lasting from low to high tide, was documented on video by Jo Millett, who also took part in the residency.

Now as an installation at South Square Gallery, extracts from the video are projected onto curved semi-transparent screens. Bieli has meticulously laced together unwoven warp threads to form architectural screens that stretch between the gallery wall and floor. As the projected light hits these screens, a spectacular three-dimensional video is produced, where flowing waves run through the space, along the web of threads and undulate against the gallery walls.

Weaving and video, two seemingly contrasting techniques, have been combined to reveal a fascinating affinity. Interlacing lines reflect a mesmerising and binary nature of weaving that is believed to have led to the development of cyberspace and a digital age of immateriality.

Artist interview

Sabine Bieli in conversation with Fran Coldrick from BCB radio

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Fa-Agile is supported by the Arts Council England [Yorkshire] and the Humber Mouth Festival, Hull.

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