Wet Paint Collective | The Kozyrev Mirror | 02 - 24 February 2013

South Square Gallery invites the Wet Paint collective, a group of emerging artists and curators from Leeds, to use the gallery as a curatorial test bed to experiment, research and produce new work.

The Kozyrev Mirror brings together a group of young emerging artists who share a sense of societal optimism that unites the practices. Whether this is embodied by a faith in their individual practice, a chosen medium, or a personal decision to make art; these underlying collective self-beliefs are key to their output and creative engagement with themselves and others.

In the 1950's Nikolai Kozyrev invented a series of apparatus mirrors that he, and others, believed could be used for inter-spatial communication and exploration, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. An overarching belief in Cosmism, a belief system based around notions of exploration and domination of outer space, led Kozyrev and his followers to explore a possibility that objects like planets, moons, or asteroids emit information about themselves with an implied concept that a two way dialogue may be engaged in by a person and a planet.

It is this concept the artists are seeking to expand upon, implying collectively that a person may engage with an object to resist death or annihilation, that objects may present disingenuous or siliceous ideas, narcissistic opportunities, or even ways to subvert previously accepted social customs.

Throughout the course of the show the display will be fluid, with work being displayed on an ad hoc, temporary basis, with no fixed position in the gallery. This will enable the participants to fully realise the potential of individual pieces, while stimulating the creation of new works, and providing visitors with a potentially new aesthetic experience on each visit.

The artists hope that the exhibition will demonstrate their disparate and divergent practices, whilst forming a practical and theoretical base for the discussion of ideas, the production of artworks and the plotting of future directions of Wet Paint projects.

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