Simon Boase | The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down | 02 June - 01 July 2012

The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down is a sound and image installation considering the importance of dance music as a backdrop for various social experiences. Through inviting live contributions from international DJs, sharing mixes online and constructing furniture that references the interiors of house parties, Boase creates an environment where music and the structures of its proliferation are utilised and made accessible.

Through the make-shift assembly of a DJ booth and the creation of blinds featuring images drawn from internet chat rooms, South Square, itself once a domestic space, is a fitting venue to experiment with how private interiors are converted to host public events. Footage of noughties techno festivals, Chicago footwork battles and amateur rap videos, where groups of people 'shared' a moment, are screened and shared once again within the intimate space of the gallery.

The Distinction Between Being Up and Being Down refers to various 'ups' and 'downs' associated with dance music. Whether it be getting 'up' on stimulants, the 'ups' and 'downs' in pitch, or the fragile boundaries between music being underground or pedestrian; the distinction between highs and lows, or ups and downs, is what perpetuates the music and continues the audience's enjoyment of it.

Commissioned specifically for the exhibition, Boase has created a new series of sound works entitled Mixes Made in Cars Moving Over 95kph where the artist has produced music whilst travelling at speed. In a genre where tempo is crucial to the style and impact of the music, these mixes use the actual pace of the speeding car to develop a sense of drama into the audio.

Using free communications software, such as Skype, Ustream and Soundcloud, these tracks are uploaded and, in reverse, contributions from international DJs are streamed to the gallery live. Through this interconnection with a global audience, exploiting the speed at which digital media can be disseminated regardless of physical distance, South Square becomes part of the global dance music scene.

Mixes are available to download from and free CDs are available at the gallery. In addition, there is a virtual document for download with links to a selection of blogs, Youtube clips and Soundcloud accounts for the audience to continue their engagement outside of the exhibition.

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