Ten Yards Lane | Rupert Clamp | 03 July - 01 August 2010

As part of a two month project commissioned by South Square, the gallery's home of Thornton village becomes the latest focus for Rupert Clamp's socially engaged art practice. Taking this unique village setting as his starting point, Clamp has responded to Thornton's people, architecture and history to create new artworks. Developed through informal and formal social engagement activities the artworks will appear across Thornton and South Square Centre as part of South Square's 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Intrigued by the almost invisible 'snickets' between houses that offered passage through, and by the equally inconspicuous bricked up windows and doors that denied it, Clamp found himself exploring a maze of short-cut paths, old and new, that criss-crossed Thornton. The characterful blocked sandstone doorways and windows left Clamp only able to image what lay beyond, whilst the snaking pathways revealed themselves gradually and dictated their own particular way of navigating the space.

Dotted along these paths are a series of seemingly long forgotten and uncared for old lampposts. With these acting as starting points, Clamp has worked with passers-by and local groups, collecting individual descriptions and directions in an attempt to map the maze of paths. The often half-remembered or contradictory individual descriptions of where the paths lead to and what is on them will be transformed into a series of self-guided tours and on-site signs (available as part of the 25th Anniversary weekend.) For the duration of the project South Square will gain a replica of one of those lampposts giving it an honorary position on the map.

Meanwhile, at the gallery, exact replicas of some of the bricked up features which Clamp found across Thornton will be integrated into South Square Centre. These will be presented alongside newly uncovered features in the fabric of the building, as though they too have always been there. The siting of the replica features and the uncertainty over which are 'real' will reconfigure the layout of the building, inviting visitors to explore in search of imagined hidden spaces.

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