Plato, Meet Buckminster | Dominic Hopkinson | 05 - 27 June 2010

One of Yorkshire's most accomplished and captivating sculptors brings together stone carving, plaster casts and a new durational installation that explores the nature of form and philosophy.

The work takes as its starting point the confluence of creative and scientific process. Mining the vast pool of ideas within mathematics, physics and molecular biology Dominic Hopkinson generates sculptures in stone and plaster, attempting to distil these complex concepts into pure visual form. This body of work continues the themes developed during his research into the Human Genome project, linking this most modern science to Platonic Geometry, through the work of Buckminster-Fuller. The sculptures question how our world appears so similar at different scales and invites the audience to impose their own reading of scale upon it.

Playing with concepts of scale, tone and shadow, the work talks of a universal mathematical structure that influences and guides our world experience at many levels. Meticulously hand-carved stone sculptures sit alongside plaster-cast pieces generated using simple rules to define the outcome, but that allows the work to find their own final forms. These plaster works are informed by Buckminster-Fuller's closest packing theories and what Marcel Duchamp called the "infra-slim", the tiny, almost non-existent space between the cast object and the mould.

"If nature leads us to mathematical forms of great simplicity and beauty that no one has previously encountered, we cannot help but think that they are 'true', that they reveal a genuine feature of nature."

Werner Heisenberg to Einstein.

Artist interview

Dominic Hopkinson in conversation with Fran Coldrick from BCB radio

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