Tom Ireland | Every day we are apart, (I miss you more than ever) | 4th - 26th June 2011

In a space surrounded by the dramatic landscape of Bronte country, Tom Ireland presents an exhibition of new works developed in response to South Square Gallery's unique location. Taking as a starting point the geographical location and literary heritage of Thornton, Ireland will present a site-specific multimedia installation based around a continued interest in mythology, the nature of making and the power of fiction.

For the artist, the geographical area around Thornton is one underpinned by mythology: the weatherworn physical space of the moors can be seen as a vast expanse of romantic sublime which owes so much to fiction and literature. Similarly, the affective terrain of the lunar landscape, documented in the photographic records of the Apollo moon landings, also exemplifies this strange and remote quality: unforgiving, romantic and sublime.

Ireland is interested in how these landscapes, both moor and moon, separated physically by hundreds of thousands of miles, can exist in a shared space. They are both spaces constructed through the seductive powers of fiction; both have been romanticised and imagined beyond their realities. They are also tied together by their remoteness and inaccessibility; Ireland explores the notion of distance and invites us to travel to the far reaches of our imagination.The unique space of South Square Gallery will be used by Ireland to investigate this distance, both physical and cognitive, interrogating our collective understanding of 'spaces'.

Ireland produces a range of work which seeks to examine the relationship between specific information and the audience that receives it. Weaving together a combination of found objects, second hand shop findings and handmade or processed objects, Ireland explores the ideas and implications of waste, memory, the overspill of wealth and ascribed mythologies. Through the thought-provoking yet unexpected works on display in Every day we are apart, (I miss you more than ever), Ireland will be exposing the cracks and slippage between what is and what isn't, between expectation and reality.

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Tom Ireland in conversation with Fran Coldrick from BCB radio

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