Work in Progress | MA Visual Arts students from the Bradford College | 08 - 23 March 2014

Join us for the opening Friday 07 March 2014, 7 -9pm.

Showcased at South Square Gallery, Thornton, the MA Visual Arts students of Bradford College present a collection of work focused on the exploration of representation versus perception. What unites them is their persistent questioning of social themes; representation of the self and the Other; representation through media distortion and the subversion of objects and their accepted roles.

The projects displayed in this show mark the emergence of a body of contemporary art practice concerned with collaborative, and potentially emancipatory, forms of dialogue and conversation. Whilst it is common for a work of art to provoke dialogue among viewers this typically occurs in response to a finished object. In these projects conversation becomes an integral part of the work itself. A new politics of collaboration underlies these efforts, not based on pre-constituted subjects or roles but on groups and individuals emerging in response to highly specific circumstances, and taking on innumerable forms, ranging from object wrapping and textiles to environmental photography and self-representation.

This exhibition brings together artists to engage in dialogue across a wide range of creative practices including photography, installation, collage, painting and print. A key focus of the work is the questions raised both by individual pieces and the collection as a whole, further explored through live installation pieces and online blogs. The exhibition asks how our perception of certain ideas can change and subvert them; how messages and theories can be lost through representation; and how individual recognition distorts meaning based on personal experience and habit.

South Square, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3LD
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