Quietly | Rona Smith | 7 - 29 March 2009

Arbitrary and accidental incidents act as a starting point for a series of installations and sculptures that explore themes of process and transformation.

Rona Smith's sculptures and installations are concerned with control and abandonment. The works presented in Quietly observe physical processes and transformations that are triggered when objects are neglected. These works which include materials taken from industrial and household contexts monitor the passing of time. Their aim is to explore the subtle transformations that occur in objects that we put down and forget about, both ordinary objects and once treasured possessions.

In some works we witness evidence of a process that has already occurred whereas in others live changes take place in the gallery. For High Rise, a typical breeze block stands upright slowly absorbing rainwater collected in a discarded wheelbarrow. A distinct water level is visible on the brick's vertical surface, rising and falling depending on changes in the atmosphere. Other works also take on a performative quality, playing out or unwinding over a period of time. In Dustsheet, a process takes place which could eventually last decades. Here, gravity pulls creases out of a crumpled, found sheet thrown over furniture, slowly revealing the forms hidden underneath. In contrast, works such as Sip and Teacup demonstrate the remains of processes that are now in the past. In the former, the last swig of a glass of wine leaves a path of residue across the glass, capturing this fleeting gesture in a tangible form.

The title of the exhibition reflects the discreet, understated nature of the processes at work: it is likely that they would remain unnoticed in their usual context whether that is a stack of washing up, a house under renovation or a building site.

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