Something Rich and Strange | Janet Allsebrook | 04 - 26 April 2015

Focusing on science and gardening, the exhibition is able to cover a great many ideas about temporality, beliefs, cyclical patterns and the rhythms of life and death.

Preview Night, Friday 10 April, 7 - 9pm

In the Making. . . - Emerge | 03 February - 29 March 2015

A series of showcase exhibitions, displaying the work of talented early-career contemporary craft makers focusing on Printmaking, Textiles, or Ceramics. Current degree-level students, recent graduates, and makers in the early stages of their creative practice were selected to exhibit their work within South Square’s unique Meeting Room gallery space. Explore just what the future of contemporary craft has to offer.

Printmaking – 3rd to 15th February
Textiles – 24th February to 8th March
Ceramics – 17th to 29th March

For further information on In the Making . . . click here.

'Here is P.T.O. ... For the moment' | Lou Sumray | 03 - 25 January 2015

Continuing the spark from her Mum's note Lou fills the room with drawings that could be described as "documented moments."

Closing Event
Friday 23 Jan, 7 - 9pm

'Sorry about the view out of your window PTO' | Lou Sumray | 06 - 21 December 2014

An exhibition of drawings and paintings, questions sparked by the discovery of a note left by her mother.

Beyond Reason | Rupert Papp & Miklos Papp | 08 - 30 November 2014

An exhibition of paintings, drawings etchings and lino cut which explore the relationship between reality and the subconscious, and the influence of magic and spirituality in relation to creative activity.

Colour and Form | Lesley Semmens | 04 - 26 October 2014

A series of photographs of the natural world which explore the artists interest in colour through the contrast between grasses and flowers.

Pathways | Linda Dewart | 06 - 28 September 2014

A new body of textile works exploring the transience of human life alongside the long lasting collective marks they leave on the landscape.

The Super Scrap and Sculpture Gallery | 29 July - 31 August 2014

Sculptures using scrap and household re-cycled materials normally disguarded to create temporary sculptures created by children over the summer.

Hidden and Revealed | Judy Merchant | 05 - 27 July 2014

Judy is currently interested in surfaces; what is hidden and what is revealed. How the past plays a part in the present moment. She work in layers using fabric, paint, gesso and stitch which can give a sense of mystery over time.

Abstract Organic Forms | Caroline Perkin |07 - 29 June 2014

Perkin creates abstract organic forms that are inspired by the natural world using materials such as tissue, wire and PVA. Instead of merely reproducing items she seeks to create new objects which benefit from being touched.

East Meets West | Ruth Wilkinson | 03 May - 01 June 2014

A series of pieces which explore working with traditional mosaic materials. Using unglazed matt ceramic mixed with a contrasting glass and gold leaf, Wilkinson creates quite intricate and detailed works.

Simply Collage | Stuart Wilde | 05 - 27 April 2014

An exhibition of collage works on paper where Wilde explores both his inner world and the contemporary world around him.

Colour Abstraction | Sue Wilde | 08 - 30 March 2014

A series of paintings which reflect on the joy of colour and Wilde's enjoyment of the creative process and abstract expression.

The Most Beautiful Things Cannot Be Seen | 08 February - 02 March 2014

Anne Bucktrout | Alison Carthy | Beenash Faris | Nicola Moorhouse | Nigel Pick | Tim Shore| Douglas Thompson | Simon Warner.

Curated by Samina Hamid

Taking the work of William Morris as its starting point, these eight artists were invited to explore the relationship between beauty, nature and imagination. With a diverse range of practices, including painting, sculpture, installation, video and calligraphy, what connects this group is their interest in the natural world and organic forms, as well as the magical and otherworldly. The exhibition invites us to explore beauty through individual subjectivity and how the unseen may be captured in artistic representation.

Helen Graham | 07 December 2013 - 26 January 2014

A series of works which reflects the artist's fascination with signs, symbols and mythology. Exploring how these visual remains connect with modern life, Graham creates new narratives that comment on politics, religion and gender.

River Reed Project | Shelley Burgoyne | 02 - 24 November 2013

A series of works inspired by riverside plant life and architecture; linked to her recent residency and River Reed Project. Often using her love of drawing as a starting point, Burgoyne uses an intuitive approach where the connections between organic forms, water life and anatomy are central to the work.

Mountains and Moorlands | Malcolm Barton | 05 - 27 October 2013

A collection of new landscape work, including a mix of pastel and oil paintings, which record a range of the mountainous locations the artist has visited.

Lines For Printmaking | Amrik Varkalis | 07 - 29 September 2013

A series of bold and colourful Mono prints inspired by a train journey through North Yorkshire, and created using confident and decisive marks.

Kombine | John Davison | 06 - 27 July 2013

A new series of work which explores the landscape of the Peak District through painting, drawing and photographic screen print.

The Weather in the Streets | Liz Tolan | 08 - 30 June 2013

Recent paintings concerned with the growth, development, decline, deterioration, decay and change of a city something like Bradford, watched by an ever-present sky.

Tales from the Forest | Anna Lilleengen | 04 - 26 May 2013

Inspired by late nineteenth century Arts & Crafts idealism and applying Walter Benjamin's reflections on 'the authentic' to an era of digital reproduction, Lilleengen revisits the origins of photography, employing a physical handcrafting process and alternative exposure methods to examine themes of loss and transience in the now abandoned forests of Sweden, her family home.
More information on the artist and her work can be found at

Menagerie | Lucas Stephens and Morwenna Catt | 06 - 28 April 2013

Sometimes our deeper mind throws up animal imagery, when we dream, when we daydream, when our normal everyday way of thinking is disrupted or challenged. We are making an exhibition of work where animal imagery plays a central role. We understand these figures as archetypes or messengers whose function is to contribute to the individuation of the mind.

Jane Fielder | 02 - 31 March 2013

Drawings exploring the image of the life model across different media, including watercolour, pastel, acrylic ink and collage.

Heads | Timothy Alexander Forster | 01 - 24 February 2013

Heads is a series of large-format photographs exploring the conflict of distance and proximity between the subject and the viewer.

Surface Pressure Trace | Manya Donaque | 07 December 2012 - 27 January 2013

Surface Pressure Trace is an installation exploring the language of print, including material, process and form.

Catalogue. WHB: 0001 - 2154. | Denise McIlroy | 03 - 25 November 2012

Gachette destroys an old copy of Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights.
The paperback has been painstakingly taken apart and cut into 1.5 cm base isosceles triangles. The resulting strips were rolled and glued into small beads, glazed 4 times with PVA and twice with nail varnish. Each bead was then individually photographed, numbered and placed into a sealable plastic bag with the representation of itself.

WHB: 0001 - 2154 both embodies and displays a cultural necessity to collect and collate, categorize and catalogue. The transformation of an old paperback copy of Wuthering Heights into decorative trinkets extends the inherent logic of myth making, re-deploying it to calibrate the insidious displacement of a palpable reality.

Textures of Spurn | Alice Fox | 06 - 29 October 2012

Textures of Spurn is an exhibition of works on paper, silk and linen from Alice's residency at Spurn, East Yorkshire: a remote and ever changing spit of land that protrudes into the mouth of the Humber estuary.

More information on the exhibition and the artist's residency at Spurn Point can be found at

Decision v Indecision | Helen Wood | 08 - 30 September 2012

There are many decisions to be made about what, how, where and why to draw. When drawing from observation I attempt to relate to and translate what I am looking at, always with the underlying desire to 'make it work'. Whilst in this activity I become familiar with the subject and at best I am connected and in the moment, losing my normal awareness of time.
At worst, I feel inept.

Focusing on the grouping of objects (stuff) in the house and taking that idea outside, noticing categories everywhere... making small semi observational studies, to working on a larger scale... I continue to explore my drawing language.

Dean Clough Life Drawing Class | 07 - 29 July 2012

An exhibition of works by artists from the Life Drawing class at Dean Clough, working under the guidance of painter in residence Doug Binder.

Contributing artists:
Sarah Bannister, Doug Binder, Cath Everett, Peter Ford, Dave Godfrey, Anthony Gower, Roger Hitchen, Keith Hanselman, Jennifer Jones, Frank Majkowski, Phil Moody, Colin Morgan, Chris Murray, John Robb-Webb, Sheila Smith, Kate Stuart and Sue Thompson

Receptacle | Onile Onile | 11 - 29 June 2012

In my usual child-like way, I give you a display of potential actions, which might mix and inter-react within the mind, when making a decision or preparing an action. The bowl as a vessel can be seen as a chalice or cell, which receives and distributes these potential actions. I thought it would be interesting to show the emotions, determinations and functions as nouns and verbs in reciprocating modules - open to view - ready to interact with themselves and eventually the world.

Oliver Neilson | 05 - 27 May 2012

In my obsessive collecting and making I am trying to re-animate the old lost ways. Make the past take new forms. Shake the sepia out of it; return it to the present it once was.

Full Many a Flower... | Malcolm Barton | 07 - 29 April 2012

"Full Many a Flower..." is a series of paintings which speak of the transience of beauty in nature.

Blue Rinse Blue | Amrik Varkalis | 03 March - 01 April 2012

This exhibition celebrates my recent obsession with Blue and my on going love of applying colour in painting and printmaking. My obsessive nature drives and shapes my work but it also leaves me feeling Blue for a while. Working with a limited palette sets challenges but I relish the discipline, and these paintings and prints are the result. Blue Rinse is a light hearted reference to my age and my constant awareness of the possibilities of developing a 'blue rinse eye' as a painter and printmaker.

The Forgotten City | Gemma Doyle | 03 - 26 February 2012

A photographic representation of the contrasting differences between the mills that are still operating and those which have been closed for many years.

6-inch Cube | 02 December 2011 - 29 January 2012

A diverse group exhibition of beautifully crafted small and miniature artworks made from across the UK. Ideal for Christmas gifts.

Magsueden Art Group | 04 - 27 November 2011

Margaret, Sue and Denis met while attending an Art Therapy Course at a Cancer Support Centre in Bradford. This yearlong course, tutored by Steve Davis, inspired them to set up their own group after the tuition had finished. Convening weekly in the Meeting Room at South Square, the group were provided with a nurturing and reflective retreat in which to grow creatively.

New Paintings | Martin Hearne | 07 - 30 October 2011

A collection of new paintings by Martin Hearne.

Order into Chaos | Colin Lyall | 03 - 25 September 2011

Drawing from urban calligraphy, lost languages, primitive symbols and street graffiti, Lyall expresses and explores the bombardment of conflicting messages and symbols present within all our daily lives.

Captured | Carole Kirk | 02 - 31 July 2011

Developed from mundane family snapshots, these paintings explore notions of surveillance, child development, and identity.

Fluvia Fluxum (River Flow) | Ruth M. Robson | 04 - 26 June 2011

An exhibition of works that show the intricate currents or flow patterns created during the passage of river water over and around obstacles such as weirs, pylons and rocks.

Rhiannon Lowe | 06 - 29 May 2011

My drawings are of things I think I remember, or might have seen. Even if imagined, they are familiar somehow. They are not particularly alluring, sadly. I'm hoping that'll change.

Departuresarrivals | Valentin Boiangiu | 02 April - 01 May 2011

Ideas of departure and arrival act as coordinates between which the artist's inventions can appear and reappear across the surface of the painting.

Curated by Martyn Hill

Sculptural Explorations | Gus Wright | 05 - 27 March 2011

Influenced by rhythmical and lyrical Celtic Designs, these sculptural and ceramic works reveal a sense of truth as the lines and curves come together.

Twiston Beck | Glyn Hughes | 05 - 27 February 2011

These paintings were executed after Glyn Hughes was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer one year ago. At the same time Glyn acquired the use of an isolated stone hut in the Ribble Valley. Delight in the natural world there saved his life and produced a spate of paintings and poems (Coincidental with the exhibition a book of poems A Year in the Bull-Box will be launched at the exhibition). The paintings use a combination of acrylic and oil on board or paper. After a lifetime of writing and painting these pictures are a breakthrough from obvious approaches to landscape. Though not seemingly naturalistic they are based on a keen eye for natural detail that has been Glyn Hughes' hallmark throughout his career.

As a writer he has been awarded many prizes including the Guardian Fiction Prize. further information on Glyn can be found at

Parallels | Christine Meyer-Eaglestone | 05 November - 22 December 2010

Specializing in hand-cut marquetry and dyed wood veneers, Christine manipulates line, edge, colour and texture to generate compositions which convey a sense of order and balance.

OD'd on Colour | Amrik Varkalis | 01-24 October 2010

Recent work that shows the artist's continued love of colour to create semi-abstract compositions.

New Work | Val Emmerson | 04-26 September 2010

Although working primarily with paint, Val Emmerson's background in textiles informs her observations and reinterpretations of natural objects found in her garden and the landscape of the Dales.

New Work | Gillian Holding | 07-29 August 2010

Gillian Holding's work explores the contradictory realities and perceptions of contemporary society, encountered through the randomness and absurdity of daily life. She works with traditional and digital media, employing a wide range of figuratively-based imagery.

Her exhibition of new work is the outcome of journeys made at the end of last year in Israel and the Palestinian territories: the quintessential evocation of conflicting truths and realities and multiple perceptions of a single narrative.

The subjects of the work are anonymous: decontextualised, assumptions must founder. Israeli, Palestinian, Christian, Jew or Muslim? Nothing is as may seem at first sight.

Ruth Wilkinson | Mosaics | 03 July - 01 August 2010

"I'm fascinated by Islamic art and architecture, Asian textiles and the rich and vibrant colours that
come alive and seem to dance and sing when bathed in sunshine. The many different patterns, forms and designs within nature and man-made will be a constant form of reference".

New Paintings | Richard Wincer | 05 - 27 June 2010

Canvasses repainted over and over again until they resolve themselves, in the search for a magical moment when things finally come together.

Daniel Metcalfe | Urban Landscapes | 03 April - 02 May 2010

These pictures represent a kind of step away from my normal approach to painting. I tried to distance myself from any particular subject or idea and instead construct an image that was entirely governed by my aesthetic logic and instinct. What I find revealing is my tendency to naturally organize space as a 'readable' landscape.

Life Studies | Doug Binder | 06 - 28 March 2010

Painter in residence at Dean Clough Gallery and founder of South Square Gallery, Doug Binder exhibits recent life studies.

Beatle beetles | Martin Procter | 06 - 28 February 2010

Beetle illustrations inspired by The Beatles' song titles.

Drawing the Line | Michael McCartney | 07 - 30 November 2009

A reflection of the artist's development over the last six months from representational drawing of the human form to more minimal, expressive and abstract forms using the line as my visual language.

New Work | David Thomas | 03 - 25 October 2009

"Fools words things / that things of actual sing" is from a poem by a Cornish poet whose name, I'm ashamed to say, I can't remember. This fragment has been pinned on the wall of my workshop for years. It seems to sum up how I feel about the gulf between how we think we know the named world and how we really experience it.

Groups exhibition | The Small Group | 05 - 27 September 2009

This exhibition brings together a collection of small textile work from this Harrogate-based group of artists.

Islay | Pete Lund | 8 - 30 August 2009

Earlier this year I spent a week on Islay. It was wonderful - mountain goats, rabbits and a seal nearby called, of course, Sammie. I also had a drink with the island's woman undertaker - I'm not sure why!

Transcendental Force | Siu Kwan Bevan | 4 - 26 July 2009

Bevan attempts to illuminate the visual and conceptual relationship between Eastern and Western abstract art. It takes reference from both Chinese calligraphy and the work of abstract expressionists. Bevan examines how Oriental Daoist and Buddhist philosophies related to abstract expressionist working methods.

Head Spam | Michael Stewart | 6 - 28 June 2009

Head Spam is a collection of blackly comic pen and ink drawings from local writer Michael Stewart: dream images, nightmare visions, derived from doodles, ink spillages and happy accidents.
For more examples of work: www.artflock/artist/headspam

Shadows and Reflections | Beryl Robinson | 2 - 31 May 2009

An exhibition of enhanced photographic images that explore the possibilities of shadows and how they are stretched, bent, and thrown across different surfaces; blowing in the breeze they are constantly on the move.

Beige and Fluffy | Amrik Vakarlis | 4 - 26 April 2009

Amrik's recent works are a slight departure from her usual colourful paintings based on the Pennine landscape. Print & Mix is her current method of producing images which are intended to be visually engaging and challenging.

A Sense of Place | Lesley Birch | 7 - 29 March 2009

A varied collection of mixed media paintings and prints interpreting the wild atmosphere of Almscliffe Crag, How Stean Gorge and the windy coasts of Scotland.

Gazing into Glazing | Tony O'Connell | 7 February - 1 March 2009

A reflective ramble of reflections photographed in the centre of Bradford during late December 2008. Reflections come and go according to prevailing conditions, offering different perspectives on familiar scenes which can highlight hidden details or glimpses of the past

6 Inch Cube | Group Show | 6 - 21 December 2008

Earlier this year artists were invited to respond to the them 6 Inch Cube [artworks to be produced no larger than 6 inches in any direction]. The subsequent responses reveal a diverse and tentative range of beautifully crafted artworks, ideal for Christmas gifts.

New Work | Giuseppe Lambertino | 8 - 30 November 2008

Through the camera lens, subjects such as abandoned buildings and peripheral spaces are re-examined and re-explored. Using intricate enhancement techniques the final, re-worked, image reveals hidden subtleties and intriguing truths previously overlooked in the original photographic scene.

Giuseppe is an emerging Yorkshire based artist who uses digital photography to produce images of a diverse nature, from conceptual art to band photography and commercial commissions.

Artist's Link

Drawings and Imagings | Michael Horne | 6 - 28 September 2008

An exhibition exploring the possibilities and approaches to contemporary drawing

Lines are the simplest of all artistic marks. The drawing of a single line is like the beginning of a language or the start of a story. On its own, a single line is the first utterance with little meaning until joined by further lines positioned in relation to it. It is now when a story begins to develop in scope, complexities, pretensions and hopes. Lines upon lines give successive possibilities of meaning and interpretation, until their visibility is obscured by the story that we read from them. But at the heart of it is that simple single line.

South Square | Exhibition Archive

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