Claire Harbottle, Still from Nailing Jelly, 2010
Abort, Retry, Fail? | 05 November - 23 December 2011

Sharon Adams | Joanna Aldoori | Ingrid Berthon-Moine | Jenny Core | Lawrence Daley | David Knowles | Claire Harbottle | Chris Lillywhite | Mark McCullough | Lisa Peachey | Dan Sharp

Curated by Elizabeth Holdsworth

Eleven artists from across the UK investigate the creative process as one of trial and error, reflectively exploring the ideas of struggle, failure, the impossible and the unresolved as a necessary path to success. What unifies the group is a focus on the methods and processes of working, presenting art as evidence of an ongoing creative journey with trials and transformations along its way.

'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.'
- Samuel Beckett

Highlighting experiences which will be universally familiar, this exhibition tacitly addresses the question of continuing on in the face of difficulties, showing the need to create as stronger than the hardships we might face. The exhibition's title refers to an archaic computer error message which has become synonymous with an unclear set of further options: the brutal and resolute oppositions, to 'Abort' or 'Retry', or the tentative, questioning, anxiety of possibility: 'Fail?'

The resulting responses speak of hope in times of austerity as well as determination and yield in the face of struggle. These artists reflect upon art-making as a continuous voyage: sometimes through pathos and sometimes through play, yet always impassioned and ever ongoing.

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