You Lived Here Mrs Pool(e) | Jenny Zigzag | 07 November – 20 December 2015

Mrs Poole and Jenny Zigzag lived in the same house in Shipley; but a hundred years apart.

Old indentures state merely that the house was “in the occupancy of Mrs Poole” or “formerly in the occupancy of Mrs Poole and now unoccupied.” No first name, no husband, no family, no occupation. Earlier, on an electoral register, Mrs Poole’s name is spelt without the ‘e’, although it is almost certainly the same person; even the spelling of our names gets lost over time.

People die or move on, leaving traces of their lives and labours in a fragment of wallpaper, scratches in paint, hand-made nails or vestiges of ironwork. Meanwhile, the significance of the innumerable, mysterious and very visible symbols carved in old kerbstones all around the area is forgotten.

In this exhibition Jenny investigates memory and loss, the marks we make and the things we leave behind.

Artist Information

Jenny experiments with materials, processes and images, working with a freedom and meaning that transcends what she could do in one medium alone.

Life intrigues her. She is curious about marks and traces, deliberate and unintentional, left by people gone by. They may have passed yesterday or perhaps two hundred years ago. Outlines of old pipework, a calling card, a piece of rusted metal found in the gutter; all give a glimpse of past events and actions. They remind her of homemade shrines, where something ordinary becomes important and mysterious.

She treasures the places where ordinary life overlaps with half-lost things; where most pass by not even noticing.

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