Parity like it's 2069 | Group Show | 05 November - 18 December 2016

South Square presents ‘Parity like it’s 2069’ an exhibition exploring the gaps in gender equality that exists across the world.

‘Parity like it’s 2069’ will be open during ‘Equal Pay Day’ on November 10th the date in the year by which all succeeding work by women goes unpaid in the UK due to the current gender pay gap. It aims to highlight unequal working practices, which still remain today.

It was forecast recently that 2069 is the year that we can expect to achieve gender pay parity in the UK, with this exhibition we aim to use art as a force for positive empowerment and change.

Designers and artists will translate powerful facts and figures relating to unequal pay practices and formulate visual responses in a variety of mediums. It will showcase work from a set of diverse artists in the hope of inspiring a much needed shift within society. 

Artists include; Lisa Davies (Bristol), Emma Hardaker (Leeds), Beth Hermitt (Manchester), Lucy Ketchin (Leeds), Jean McEwan (Bradford), Alison McIntyre (Leeds), and Bobbi Rae (Leeds), and Conway & Young (Bristol).

Header image: (Left) Lisa Davies, (Right) Bobbie Rae.

Arts Programming fellow, Alice Withers, will lead the exhibition.

Special Event Opening | 04 November 5pm - 9pm

Exhibition opening with refreshments, food and entertainment. All welcome.

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