Declining Images | Ignaz Cassar | 4 - 26 October 2008

An exhibition of photographic works exploring the 're-presenting' mechanisms of the black-and-white photograph.

The series Fields (2006) explores the 're-presenting' mechanisms of the black-and-white photograph, taking as its incentive the scenery of English landscape. Collected are a variety of panoramic shots of its diverse geography as well as motifs of its topographical features. Using a large format camera, each image is carefully composed as a scenic view onto the picturesque landscape, underscoring the depictive potential of photographic technology in general, and that of large format photography in particular.

Each photograph consists of a 10 x 8 inch negative brought together with its positive contact print. By placing the negative over the positive image, the photograph becomes negated. The photographic detail retreats into a monochromatic field of black and is discernable only from close proximity. The image becomes suspended between the black fields of photographic grain produced by the negative and the positive.

Creative and degenerative at the same time, this joining causes the image to collapse into its own shadow. As each image is formed, the reproducibility typical of photographic images is brought to a halt. Rather than being confined to the archive and employed as the prototype image for an infinite number of prints, the photographic negative in conjunction with its positive, leads to a visual convergence.

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