Sophie Victoria Elliott | Joan Day Bursary Exhibition | 06 - 28 October 2012

This year's Joan Day Painting Bursary has been awarded to the West Yorkshire artist, Sophie Victoria Elliott. The Joan Day Bursary is an annual award in tribute to the memory of the highly skilled painter, Joan Day, who lived and worked in Yorkshire for much of her life. South Square Gallery offers this bursary to support promising emerging painters, inviting them to produce new work for a solo exhibition in the gallery.

Taking inspiration from geological history and her personal experience of encountering new landscapes, the works in this exhibition explore the boundaries of landscape painting. Elliott hand mixes paint with other liquids to create substances with varying consistencies before pouring them onto a range of unevenly treated surfaces thus challenging what constitutes the medium of paint itself and the method of its application. Viewers are invited to closely observe how the substances conflict and repel, mimicking the movements of tectonic plates driven by convection currents; but also how some merge and dissipate echoing the alluvial flow of water over the earth's surface.

The progressive flux of the painting is mimetic of the landscape's ceaseless transformation; when the work eventually dries, the strata of paint forms a physical history of itself, analogous to the layers of geological history visible in rock formations. Processes are both the detail and the substance of Elliott's work; in this exhibition she expands the physical and conceptual depth of painting so that rather than painting a landscape Elliott creates a landscape of paint.

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