Indelible Shadows | Malina Busch | 04 October – 23 November 2014

South Square Gallery is pleased to announce that this year's Joan Day Painting Bursary has been awarded to Malina Busch. For the exhibition Indelible Shadows, Busch takes the subject of night as a starting point from which to explore the relationship between ephemeral experience, memory, and material. The artist explains:

'Night is an intangible, impermanent, but also central element of daily experience. I use the surface of the painting as a place to consider fleeting moments that are not fully understood because they are only glimpsed or experienced briefly.‘

Indelible Shadows brings together paintings that are both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. These pieces embrace a playful and experimental approach to painting, exploring the medium through a wide range of materials and approaches to the process of making. Folded and pleated canvas structures in strong opaque colours have been shaped, bound, and tied; reinventing the surface of the painting in order to produce something new. The resulting pieces fluctuate between our visual perception and the material ‘stuff’ that makes up a painting, inviting the audience to explore the tension between the visible and invisible.

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