Procession at Kirkstall Abbey by Shaeron Caton-Rose | 02 June - 03 September 2012

South Square Gallery presents a new offsite project by artist Shaeron Caton-Rose at Kirkstall Abbey, one of the best preserved 12th century Cistercian monasteries in the country. Kirkstall Abbey is part of Leeds Museums and Galleries.

Within the grounds of Kirkstall Abbey, contemporary artist Shaeron Caton-Rose places a series of enigmatic and reflective artworks which have been inspired by the spiritual and geographical history of the site. Over the summer, visitors will experience Kirkstall Abbey in a new light as their journey through the site is punctuated by surprising encounters with four very different artworks.

Running the full length of the abbey church, Procession is a dramatic white line of pebbles echoing a historical route into Leeds which passed directly through the building. Throughout the summer months the continual footsteps of visitors will slowly disperse the pebbles until the route disappears once again. Sensitively set in the chapels of the abbey church, Advice to Laity is a display of six devore textile veils of image and text. Created in collaboration with a local contemporary faith community based in Hyde Park (Leeds), this piece explores the relevance of a monastic lifestyle in Leeds today. In the Chapterhouse the words Work Prayer or Prayer Work circle endlessly on the stone-flag floor, the ambiguous order and emphasis of these words suggests an ever-shifting balance of the role they play in our lives. Reflective in material, the large words on the ground mirror the architectural space above and emphasise a tension between earth and heaven, or the tangible and the spiritual.

Finally, on the Ginkgo tree in the infirmary, Votive invites visitors of all faiths and beliefs to tie a strip of cloth to a branch as an act of offering a prayer or wish. Over time, the tree will become embellished with white and silver cloth, moving and glistening in the wind.

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