South Square Sculpture Garden | In a Wonderland They Lie | 13 May - 30 September 2012

Works by:
Janet Allesbrook | Sally Barker | Edgar Morales Caamano| Tom Czarnota | Natalie Depledge | Christine Hinchliffe | Alison Holloway | Sabine Little | Philip Mooney | Kimvi Nguyen | Geoff Shackleton | James Woolley

From May until September, South Square's Sculpture Garden is transforming into an enchanted wonderland where visions from dreams and nightmares take on a physical form.

In the centre of the lawn, a sculpture of a small boy innocently plays with a red plastic yoyo whilst only metres away another figure, this time trapped in stone, silently struggles with adult fears of constraint and isolation. Amongst the foliage lay sculptures that glitter in the dappled sunlight but not so far away a dark and more threatening shape lurks amongst the bushes. Chairs become sculptures and sculptures become chairs, little people are present amongst the rocks, trees sing in the wind and all the while, a face up above watches as visitors unearth the garden's secrets.

This exhibition brings together artists from across North Yorkshire and from further afield. Please join us for our opening event on Sunday 13th May at 2pm where there will be the opportunity to meet the artists and curators, enjoy afternoon tea and explore the exhibition for the first time. Refreshments will be provided by contributions and South Square's vegetarian cafe. If you have any home baked goodies you would like to share, please bring them along on the day!

The exhibition will be open to the public Tues - Sun 12:00 - 15:00.

Images of last year's exhibition can be seen here.

Images of this years exhibition can be seen below.

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