STEAM ahead | 06 September - 30 October 2016

South Square is pleased to present a series of interlinked exhibitions, workshops and events exploring the intersections of art, technology and science. This brings together a range of artists with non-traditional approaches to drawing, print, video and sculpture; using unusual tools, technologies, natural phenomena and restraints to open up the creative process.

All events are FREE and everyone is welcome

Special Event with pop up cocktail bar, live music, playful art activities and refreshments: 5pm onwards 24th September 2016. Exhibition runs from 6th September to 30th October

Drawing Activity Session: 3-5pm 24th Sept
Learn a variety of artistic creative strategies with artist and educator Cheryl Huntbach. Activities require no previous experience, all ages and abilities welcome. Free but booking required: email or call 01274 834747 and leave your name & contact.

Cyanotype Workshop: 5.30 – 8pm 24th Sept
Drop in workshop using UV light, photosensitive paper, collage and found objects with artist Caro Blount-Shah.

The Big Draw Event: 1-4pm Tuesday 25th October.
Join us in exploring this year’s Big Draw theme ‘STEAM POWERED’, at our afternoon of experimenting led by the Young Roots group. The national Big Draw and the above events support of the campaign to give the arts parity with other subjects so that STEM becomes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

Artists include: Fiona Grady (London), Cheryl Huntbach (Leeds), Rachel Barron (Gothenburg/Glasgow), Cat Scott (Bradford), Sam Illingworth (Manchester), Melanie King (London), Caro Blount-Shah Young Roots (Bradford), Dominic Hopkinson MRBS (Leeds), Lawrence Molloy (Leeds) and Scientists Dr Mike Nix, Ben Thorne and Dr Alexey Burluka (University of Leeds).
Plus check out William Gall's open studio on 24th September.


Fiona Grady creates large site-responsive drawings on walls, windows and floors using sequences of dispersing geometric shapes. For the exhibition she will apply handmade paint directly on to the walls of the gallery using an extended compass. Rachel Barron will present a new vinyl installation that spans across 7 window panels at South Square to accompany an interactive installation in the gallery space whereby visitors are invited to participate in the printmaking process towards a collective artwork; taking shapes from the surrounding area. Cheryl Huntbach’s practice and research interests stem from an expanded notion of drawing; involving a range of analogue and digital processes. Her practice incorporates notions of repetition, pattern, laborious means of making and slight, temporary site-responsive drawings and for the very first time; a 3-D drawing pen.

STEAM ahead I Community Gallery | 06 September - 30 October 2016

In the Community Room South Square’s current Events and Exhibitions intern Cat Scott presents her own science inspired artwork alongside artists she has selected with whom she shares interests. Cat aims to represent the invisible phenomena surrounding our everyday through multi-sensory representation, in this instance using large scale lenticulars. Lawrence Molloy and Dr Mike Nix present Ghosts; clear shapes, such as cylinders and cuboids, which when illuminated, cause objects made of light to magically appear within them. Lawrence also exhibits a slow motion film of a flammable artwork burning alongside the resulting detritus. The film is one of many experiments that capture match sculptures burning at different rates and was made with the help of Ben Thorne and Dr Alexey Burluka from The University of Leeds.Dominic Hopkinson’s pleasing geometric print series explores pattern identification and how we naturally look out for different patterns. The artist works collaboratively with a range of scientists and mathematicians in order to explore and further understand this field, and is interested in the role of the artist in a scientific collaboration. Melanie King’s current research is concerned with how invisible celestial objects and abstract scientific theories can be represented using visual art practice. SciArt lecturer and spoken word artist Dr Sam Illingworth will perform at the special event putting into practice his interests in the similarities between science and poetry.

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