New Work | Lisa V Robinson | 05 - 27 September 2009

Joan Day Bursary recipient Lisa V Robinson explores the possibilities of paint as a medium whilst attempting to find a special balance between abstraction and figuration.

As a tribute to the memory of Joan Day, a highly skilled painter who lived and worked in Yorkshire for much of her life, South Square Gallery offers an annual bursary to support an emerging painter to produce new work for solo exhibition. The gallery is delighted to present this year's winner, Lisa V Robinson, who, over the past four months has been producing new work at her Westgate studio, Wakefield.

The series of large scale canvasses explore Robinson's attraction to the physicality of paint; from the satisfaction in observing the progression of a line from start to finish, to the tactile sensation of applying generous amounts of paint. Oil paint is poured and splashed onto the canvas and the resulting surface provides inspiration to place other elements. The painting is then developed through a process of interactions. Consequently no end result can be preconceived which presents an exciting challenge.

The forms and marks witnessed within these paintings are developed from ongoing watercolour and gouache studies of shop windows; these are not intended to be preliminary sketches for her oil paintings, but are rather used to develop an inner vocabulary of line, form, composition and space that can be translated into her oil paintings. Aside from providing engaging aspects such as reflections and shadows, a shop window could be viewed as a merging of two worlds; the real and the fantasy. This suggestion could also be associated to the surface of a painting acting as a boundary between reality and the illusion of an alternative reality. This line of investigation has led to Robinson's fascination with constructing a painting as a fictional stage as seen in a shop window.

The resulting composition, combining these two elements together [abstract paint process and figurative elements of the shop window] appears to allude to a peculiar alternative reality where forms will balance upon others or strange objects appear awkwardly. The forms appear recognisable but they cannot be identified exactly; this engages the reader in a game of interpretation, a process that forms an integral part of the painting as the readings introduce new elements and allow new ways of considering the work.

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