Where the River Meets the Sea | Ian Tothill

Two channel sound installation for gallery toilets (male, female), 2012

In the ladies - the sea crashing onto a pebble beach, an endless loop of ebb and flow, there's a family laughing as the wave encroaches. Floating across the water a scatter of notes on a trumpet, maybe somebody outside their clifftop caravan communing with gulls.

In the gents - a river on a spring morning, babbling water, birds calling each other, sheep. A violin plays a seemingly endlessly rising series of notes harmonising with the surroundings. A dog barks.

In the entrance - men and women share the space, both pieces can be heard, forming unexpected harmonies and inviting us to hear it all more clearly from the point where the river meets the sea.


Attendant | Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau

Two channel sound installation for gallery toilets (male, female), 2012

Bathroom attendants keep the toilets clean and safe in London bars and nightclubs. They are unpaid, surviving on tips from customers. They offer hand towels and squirts of aftershave in the men's toilets; perfume and lollipops in the women's toilets. In Attendant, two separate sound recordings - male and female - play out in the toilets of South Square, documenting the noisy, cramped toilets of a London bar while a bathroom attendant sets up for the night and chats to potential tippers.

To listen to this installation click here.

South Square, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3LD
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