South Square Sculpture Garden

Works by:
Alice Bradshaw | Alison Carthy | Jenni Danson | Matt Geden | Pauline Gill | Christine Hinchliffe | Dominic Hopkinson | Sarah Robson

Too beautiful a space to be kept to ourselves, the garden behind South Square is a tranquil haven, a shady woodland corner for everyone who visits the centre to enjoy.

A number of shared qualities tie together the work which is now on show in the garden. Firstly, they all invite us in to the space, drawing our attention to the garden, its distinct areas, features we might not immediately notice. Secondly, the works chosen for the space give emphasis to their own materials. Natural materials such as wood, rope, wool and leaves form organic sculptures, situated in harmony with their outdoor surroundings. Alison Carthy, Pauline Gill and Christine Hinchliffe are all artists who work with organic matter in a similar working process, brought together in this exhibition for the first time. Other materials brought into the space, such as the metal forms of Sarah Robson's My Little Universe and Dominic Hopkinson's plaster modules, bring in other elements which also communicate with the outdoors. Open to all elements, the pieces on show in the garden will inevitably change over time, altering with the seasons. Their location outside is crucial to their existence; the sculptures gain a durational dimension when placed outside, as we cannot deny their inevitable decay and decomposition. Over the course of the year it will be fascinating to watch the sculptures alter. I would like to thank the eight artists involved in this project, for devoting their time and offering their work to South Square. These works launch the garden as a satellite space to South Square Gallery, renewed as a critically engaged space for the exhibition of contemporary sculpture.

The garden is open during normal gallery opening hours:
Tues - Sun 12:00 - 15:00

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