What Makes Thornton?

What Makes Thornton?

In Thornton people make:

…Art…Craft…Great Pints…Vegan cakes…Gypsy Jazz…Classy Coffee…Handmade Scarves…Cutting Edge Grime…Great cups of tea…People more mindful…Visitors feel welcome…Rescue cats re-homed…The best Fish and Chips…Fitter and Healthier OAPs…The Bronte legacy develop…The Village a Better Place To Be

As part of a project for South Square Centre in Thornton artist Andy Abbott is asking residents about what makes Thornton special and unique. Andy is especially interested in connecting with ‘makers’. That could include:

  • a maker of art, craft, furniture
  • a group that make great songs or poems
  • a business that makes excellent food and drink
  • an individual, club or association that makes people fitter, happier or healthier
  • a charity of organization that makes Thornton a better place to be!

The information gathered will feed into activities at Thornton Gala on; Saturday 1st July, Thornton Village Street Market and Saturday 25th August, and an exhibition at South Square Gallery in December 2018.

If you’re a Thornton maker of any sort, or know someone that is, then please let us know!

Fill out this form online or send suggestions to South Square Centre on 01274 834747 or email Andy at zadanzig@yahoo.co.uk.

You can also contribute through South Square Centre’s Facebook and Twitter page @southsquarecentre and @South_Square or by using the hashtag #thorntonmakes. The project is supported by Arts Council England.

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